Why This Michael Kors Fragrance Is a Holiday Essential

Modernity has always been at the core of everything Michael Kors does. Since it launched with global acclaim in 1981, the sophisticated label has only risen in popularity, ultimately leading to its debut in fragrance.

In line with the internationally lauded clothing and accessories, each of their fragrances have been crafted to transport you to a distinctly opulent getaway. While this time of year may involve a lot of travel, not all of us have the luxury of escaping somewhere of our choosing for the holidays, which is why we particularly love the transcendent nature of Michael Kors’ scents. Our pick this holiday season is Gorgeous.

One spritz of the fragrance, and Gorgeous immediately envelops you in a classic white floral bouquet of jasmine and tuberose. As the scent settles into the skin, you’ll catch smoky notes of tobacco accordion and cedarwood blended with guaiac wood oil. The duality of floral meeting wood mirrors the warmth and cheer of the holiday season, though the complexity also draws a parallel to the femininity and strength in the women you gift it to — including yourself. Know that every time your loved ones remove the glossy black cap, they’ll be met with an affirming “Hello, Gorgeous!” engraving at the bottle collar.

Like the women the scent was inspired by, Gorgeous is multifaceted: elegant and delicate florals balance the richer, woody aromas that the bouquet is grounded in. That versatility makes it a perfect finishing touch for holiday parties, winter weddings, and ice skating dates alike.

While the best-selling Gorgeous is the ultimate holiday treat, Wonderlust and Sexy Amber are distinct scents that make special gifting moments as well. For frequent fliers, there’s no higher indulgence than Wonderlust, featuring bergamot and blossoms grounded in creamy sandalwood and cashmere. The sexiest of Michael Kors’ line, Sexy Amber catpures the essence of sensuality in a gilded perfume bottle. The namesake amber is lightened by layers of white flowers, then softened by creamy sandalwood for an elegant finish.

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