Viral Video Of The 'Bridgerton' Cast Singing Has Fans Begging For A Musical

Bridgerton Season 3 has only been half-released (Bridgerton Part 2 releases June 13), but fans are already calling for more. In particular, they want a musical. And hey, that tracks — the show has already been lauded for its music. Often showcasing classical versions of major pop hits, the Bridgerton soundtrack is one of the many reasons fans love the show. (The gorgeous cast, enthralling drama, and Regency vibes also help.) But if the music has been brilliant so far, it can only get better if they let the cast sing, right?

That’s what fans are hoping for. A supercut created by TikToker Linzi (@linzi___) of various Bridgerton cast members singing has gone viral, and now many fans are practically begging for a musical version of the wildly popular Netflix series. The roundup of Bridgerton stars singing their hearts out has now been liked almost a half-million times and viewed nearly 5 million. Why? Because it’s so freaking good.

The clips feature five of the show’s stars, including a final collaboration with three Bridgerton men harmonizing perfectly. These musical moments are a mix of on-set shenanigans, theater practices, and even independent musical releases.

The first clip is Luke Newton, who plays Colin Bridgerton. Newton is already sitting on everyone’s newsfeed thanks to the latest Bridgerton developments between his character Colin and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan). Newton is performing “Rewrite the Stars,” originally performed by Zac Efron and Zendaya in The Greatest Showman. There are actually tons of clips featuring Newton’s powerful voice, but his version of “Rewrite the Stars” is pitch-perfect and oh-so-moving.

The second clip is of Regé-Jean Page, who played Simon, the Duke of Hastings. Page left Bridgerton after only one season (sigh), dreaming of bigger and better things. It’s unlikely we’ll see him or his character return to the show. However, his performance of “Don’t Wait” is breathtaking. It’s an original number by TUNYA, a duo comprised of Page and his brother, Tose. While fans might not get to see Page on Bridgerton anymore, his talent will surely put him in the limelight again.

The supercut also features scenes of Claudia Jessie’s collaboration with The Paideia Movement on “Holla.” This pop/R&B track is soulful and slick, which marks a surprising contrast to Claudia’s character Eloise Bridgerton. If she can sing like that on “Holla,” there’s no telling what she’s capable of for a Bridgerton musical.

Another showstopping moment in the mash-up is Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) singing “If I Don’t Believe In You” from the movie The Last Five Years. Jeremy Jordan originally performed the song in 2015, but Bailey makes it his own. The clip is full of emotion and marks a stunning performance beyond just his singing capabilities.

The final clip features Bailey and Newton performing alongside Luke Thompson (Benedict) in full Bridgerton getup. The trio harmonizes dreamily on Elvis’ “I Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

Notably missing is Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope on Bridgerton but is notably known for starring in Derry Girls. However, she recently posted clips of her “anxiously” singing along with Beyonce before the premiere of the new season of Bridgerton. It’s hard to hear her voice over Queen B, but it is safe to assume she’s probably got a decent set of pipes, too.

While the main cast of Bridgerton seems to be talented singers, is a musical really the answer? After all, if you want drama and music together, there are still roughly a million seasons of Glee. Doing a contrite musical episode amid the upcoming fourth season might be a little cringe. However, a one-off musical movie might be in order!

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