Uber creates an advertising unit that allows marketers to target ads based on where you are

Uber will launch an advertising division within its company and roll out targeted digital ads to increase revenue.

Ride-hailing giant Uber announced Wednesday the launch of its enterprise-wide advertising unit. Mark Grether, an Amazon advertising veteran, will oversee it.

Uber (UBER), at the same moment, unveiled its new app “Journey Ads”, which allows marketers to place ads within Uber (UBER), to reach customers at every step of their trips. Customers will see ads as they look up the driver’s location or follow their journey through the app.

Grether stated that Uber has a global customer base that “tells us where they want to go and what they want.”

Grether said that while consumers wait for delivery or destination, Grether can send messages to them from brands relevant to their purchasing journeys.

Google and Meta, tech giants such as Google, have used data from users for years to target ads. However, some digital privacy advocates are critical of this practice.

Grether explained to the Wall Street Journal that users can choose to opt-out of targeted ads via the Uber app at any moment.

Lyft’s August launch of its own advertising company led to the announcement.

This news comes as a result of the Biden administration’s proposal last week to create a new labor rule that could make millions of gig workers employees. This would be a challenge to low-cost models like Lyft and Uber that have fueled the growth of gig economy businesses such as Lyft and Uber.

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