These 9 Abandoned Theme Parks Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Nostalgia and mystery blend into the eerily magnificent at these nine abandoned theme parks around the world. What were once places full of bustling crowds, racing rollercoasters, and the wafting smell of fried fair food are now empty, haunting spaces only explored by the curious and daring. One such adventurer is Seph Lawless, a pseudonymous photographer who’s turned images of deserted sites into a globally recognized art form. In 2017, his book Bizarro faithfully captured a collection of once vibrant, now abandoned amusement parks in all corners of the planet. Today, they’re populated only by the remnants of run-down roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other whimsical structures. Though their look has changed, the reminder of what once was casts a hauntingly beautiful shadow. Here, AD talks with Lawless about 9 abandoned theme parks featured in the book, offering a glimpse into their long-forgotten history.

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