The Most Popular Book Genres Right Now

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If you’re reading your email on the Friday of a holiday weekend here in the U.S., we know we’ve got to make it worth it for you. Today’s line-up is aces.

Last year, following Pride, I pulled together a piece that covered all of the targeted anti-LGBTQ+ attacks on schools, libraries, and bookstores over the course of the month. It’s time to do that again, and like last year, I’m asking for your help…

If you’re like me, you can nerd out a bit when it comes to numbers and statistics. Math doesn’t lie, after all, though one should always question where statistics come from. When that math applies to something I love, my nerd flag flies even higher. So math about the most popular book genres? Yes, please. Let’s dive into some numbers.

If you’d rather jump straight to recommendations, we’ve got 12 thrillers to read this summer and a round-up of nonfiction recommendations.

Something interesting this year in the world of YA is that there’s a slight uptick in the number of books being simultaneously published in hardcover and paperback. This is a trend that is not only good, but one I hope expands. Paperback books, despite sometimes being priced upwards of $16^, are a far more accessible format to not only teen readers but to adult readers on a budget, too. Hardcovers are a little more of an investment and more appealing to institutions like libraries and schools, where the format is more durable for use by lots of people. Personally, it’s less about cost for me and more about being able to toss a paperback into my bag or carry it with me somewhere. Paperbacks are the superior format. For readers who, like me, look forward to discovering what’s hitting shelves in that format, we’re in luck. The summer 2024 YA paperbacks are packed with something for everyone, genre and style-wise.

Find below some of the most exciting YA paperbacks hitting shelves this summer between July and September.

In July picture book releases, I review five phenomenal books about the Summer Olympics, rocks, grief, birds, and Colombian buses. In July middle grade releases, I review four excellent books about con artists, autism, jinns, and climate change activism. From richly detailed fantasies to silly early reader graphic novels that will make kids laugh, there’s something for every reader on this list of July children’s book releases.

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