The Best Cities for Veterans and Their Families

Transitioning into civilian life and a new career can be a challenge for veterans, especially in an economy and housing market filled with challenges of their own. When coming out of the military, where can veterans turn to in order to find good homes and environments to grow their lives and the lives of their families?

A new report from CoWorking Cafe analyzed cities across the U.S. to determine which ones checked the most boxes that would be of interest to veterans. Specifically, the report looked at metrics such as the percentage of veterans among the total population, the number of veteran-owned businesses, their employment status and income, the number of veteran health care providers and pediatricians, as well as the air quality and green spaces.

Virginia dominates the list, boasting Southern affordability and many other perks for veterans and families to enjoy.

Here are the top 10 cities for veterans and their families:

  1. Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake really excels in its veteran population (almost 26,000 for a 14.2% share), and it’s almost non-existent veteran unemployment.

In addition, the median income for veterans in Chesapeake was at more than $80,000 per year, the second-highest ranking. The city also boasts many acres of green spaces and great air quality.

  1. New York City, New York

In a city filled with business, it’s no surprise that NYC boasts over 19,000 veteran-owned companies, the highest number on the list. Moreover, NYC also has the most veteran-specialized health care providers. The good schools and rich cultural environment of NYC also help to boost its status.

  1. Arlington, Virginia

Known for hosting the Veterans Day National Ceremony every year, Arlington has the highest median veteran income (more than $117,000), along with a 0% veteran unemployment rate. 

  1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Its affordable market with low taxes is just one reason Virginia Beach is a great place to buy a home. The city is also the second-largest community of veterans on the list at 14.4%. There’s also a lot of great outdoor spaces to enjoy in the area.

  1. Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is known for being home to the world’s largest naval station, with 82,000 active militaries currently residing here. This is also a great place to live as a veteran because it has the largest share of ex-militaries (14.5%). Additionally, there’s a lot of pediatricians available per 100,000 children in the area, specifically 184.

  1. Washington, D.C.

One of the most influential factors for D.C., besides it being the capital city, is that the median yearly veteran income stood at more than $77,500, the third-highest on the list. D.C. also boasts good schools, the second highest number of pediatricians, and a thriving economy.

  1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs excels when it comes to outdoor spaces to enjoy, with almost 30 acres available per 1,000 residents. What really boosts it, though, is that 13.1% of the population are veterans.

  1. St. Petersburg, Florida

Beyond the warm climate and great business scene, St. Petersburg boasts a 0% veteran unemployment rate, as well as the second-highest number of veteran healthcare providers.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home to the Boston College Veterans, making it a big draw for those veterans pursuing education for new career opportunities. The city also has a good amount of veteran healthcare providers, a large number of pediatricians, good schools and good community.

  1. Chula Vista, California

Last, but not least, Chula Vista ranks well across many categories, rounding out the list. The city has a veteran unemployment rate of only 1.4%, and a veteran median income of more than $70,000 per year. There’s also great scenery and culture here for families to partake in.

For the full report, click here.

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