Team Tactics: Taking Advantage of Team Coaching

Coaching is a valuable tool that offers numerous benefits to agents and brokers, let alone teams. Working in real estate requires constant education and development to be at the top of your game, and coaching provides an easy way to pursue this. Hiring a coach can allow team members to grow and flourish within their business, both individually and for the team as a whole.

Why you should pursue team coaching

Coaching provides an experienced real estate professional who can counsel your team on many different aspects of your business: marketing, sales, communication, teamwork and more.

Team coaching consists of hiring a coach to work with your team as a whole. Not only will you set goals for growth for your team as a whole, but a coach will also help you prepare plans to take the necessary steps to meet these goals and further your team’s success. 

You can even go a step further and pursue a program that includes individual coaching for your team members so that they can set more personal goals for themselves and focus on their specific growth areas. You can also pursue coaching for yourself as a team leader, to help grow your leadership skills and management methods.

When you pursue team coaching, you open up the opportunity for education. This will go a long way toward boosting the success of your team while growing your team offerings, which will help with both recruitment and retention. 

Where to find a team coach

There are a variety of real estate coaching companies out there that have team coaching offerings, complete with different plan options to suit your team’s specific needs:

Buffini & Company is unique in that it offers leadership coaching which extends out to your team. This program will work with you as a team leader to build and grow your team, and to work on your leadership skills. The program then extends out to your team, offering coaching to them as a whole. You can also access a training program at a discounted rate when you sign up for the program.

Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting offers a few different plans of team coaching depending on your needs and your team size. Their program includes team leader and individual team member coaching along with coaching for the team as a whole. There are many training courses available when you sign up for the program, as well as access to materials such as scripts, strategies, tools and more.

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