Porsche 718 Boxster EV drops camo, shows new headlight design

Porsche just revealed its updated Taycan yesterday, and just hours after that, these new Boxster EV spy photos hit our doorstep. It marks another step in Porsche removing camouflage from its electric convertible sports car as an actual reveal draws closer and closer.

The big get is a better look at the headlights, which appear to be mighty similar to the units seen on the updated Taycan and Macan Electric. They feature the same quad LED DRL design, and those same lights double as the turn signals. There’s no signature teardrop design to them like the Taycan’s sported since the beginning, indicating that Porsche is well and truly done with that look. The front bumper is less shrouded, though there’s still plenty of disguise work being done to keep us astray from knowing what the production styling will look like.

The wheels fitted to this test car are intriguing and feature an extra thick outside rim design, partially covering some mighty large front brake rotors and black-painted calipers. Of course, these wheels are also fitted with winter rubber for the snow and cold weather testing Porsche appears to be doing here.

Porsche Boxster EV 101

And despite all that snow being kicked up, this is easily our best look at the rear design of the new Boxster EV. It’s getting a full-width LED taillight that you can see poking through the snow and camo. Plus, we’ll point out that Porsche has gone ahead and dropped its silly fake exhaust outlet deception from this tester entirely. The charge port is clearly visible right in the center of the rear bumper, though it’s clear Porsche isn’t using a production-design lower rear bumper at all, keeping the final design a secret.

The latest on launch details from Porsche indicate that the Boxster EV will see the light of day in 2025 and be built alongside gas-powered 718 variants for some undetermined amount of time, but then eventually transition to all EV. An end date for the combustion engine in the 718 model line isn’t yet officially announced, so it looks like you’ll have a choice between gas or EV Porsche convertibles for at least a short while after the electric version launches.

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