Pioneering Artist Jia Wei Makes Debut at Linda Gallery with “Ruhua Wilding” Exhibit

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Linda Gallery unveils a dynamic new solo exhibition dubbed “Ruhua Wilding” by Chinese artist and creative innovator Jia Wei. The artworks within the Ruhua series peer into the perspectives of Jia Wei and are a visual embodiment of his critique of the world around him. The animated characters reflect the childlike essence of the artist and mirror his own “inner child” that he carried within him from youth to adulthood.

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Ruhua Crocodile – Leg-Crossing Meditation 如花鳄鱼 – 盘腿打坐

The exhibition showcases an imaginative and surrealist realm that allows visitors to go on a metaphorical journey of escapism and theatricality at a time of society’s relentless pursuit of virtual stimulation. The Ruhua series is, therefore, intended to encapsulate Jia Wei’s own creative essence on his path of self-healing, breakthroughs, and rebirth during the lowest point of his life.

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Ruhua Baby Matrix Hippo 如花宝宝 – 矩阵河马, Fiberglass, 2022

Jia Wei’s reputation within the art industry speaks for itself. A leading innovator and artist, his work is an intersection of art and technology. Having broken numerous glass ceilings in his own right, he is also regarded as the first designer in China to receive numerous accolades including gold medals at various design awards across the globe. He is also the founder and Chairman of the board of LKK Innovation Design Group, author of “Metaverse Power”, “Three Fundamental Values of Product” and “The World is Designed”.

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Ruhua Tussock – Turn Round Motorcycle 如花草丛 – 回首 ・机车
KK x Prince Jiang (LEGO® Certified Professional) 由蒋晟晖 (LCP) 及其工作室 (Brick of Philosophy)团队搭

Jia Wei is not only a pioneering artist but also has an extensive background as an innovative designer. His art is celebrated for its versatility across mediums, standing out amongst his peers with his signature avant-garde style and the Ruhua Wilding exhibition is a testament to these talents. The solo exhibition will showcase 35 pieces of Jia’s most prolific paintings and sculptures featuring artwork that used hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks to create lifelike sculptures.

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Photo of the artist – Jia Wei (KK)

Jia’s pieces are aimed at confronting life’s impermanence and challenges in a solitary manner while embracing the spirit of perseverance from his own experiences. Ruhua Wilding invites viewers into the artist’s wondrous world. Untamed yet harmonious, Jia Wei aims to stir the inner child of those who seek longevity, beauty, and endurance.

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The Ruhua Wilding exhibition will run from 19 to 30 July, 2024 at Paragon Shopping Centre, Level 1, Atrium 1 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238859

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