Phillies’ Kyle Schwarber defeats Statcast with a mammoth NLCS game 1 home run by Yu Darvish

Although it’s a low-scoring match between the San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies in Game 1, of the NLCS, Petco Park saw one of the longest and most difficult home runs in MLB history.

The Phillies led 1-0 in the sixth inning. Kyle Schwarber walked up to the plate for his third and final at-bat. He saw a Yu Darvish 87-mph cutter, which he was completely ready for.

Schwarber quickly turned on the pitch with his quick hands. The ball caught the barrel and flew into San Diego night to right.

Schwarber was on the top deck when it landed. This is an area where baseball rarely ventures to at Petco Park. Even Padres fans couldn’t help admiring what they had just seen.

The pitch was analyzed via MLB Statcast and measured 488 feet. It also recorded a speed of 119.7 miles off Schwarber’s bat.

These numbers are to put it in perspective. It is the fifth-hardest home run in MLB since 2008. New York Yankees’ Giancarlo Staton holds three of the top five, at 121.7 mph. This is also the fastest hit speed in the span, followed by 121.3 mph or 119.8. Aaron Judge, his teammate, was able to hit one at 121.1 mph in June 2017.

Schwarber’s home run is the Phillies’ record-holder. Schwarber’s home run is not only his longest, but it also marks the longest home run of his career. This was reported by MLB Network. Statcast also identifies it as the hardest-hit Philly baseball.

Bryce Harper of the Phillies, an All-Star, homered earlier in the game. We were all there when the ball popped off Schwarber’s bat.

The Phillies were able to win Game 1 against the Padres with the single homers of Schwarber, Harper, and Zack Wheeler, who pitched superbly.

In seven innings, he allowed only one hit to the Padres. He also struck out eight times to set the tone for both the game and the series.

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