Kobo Is Launching Its First Color Ereaders

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Rakuten Kobo has announced that it will be releasing its first color ereaders, the the Kobo Libra Colour and the Kobo Clara Colour. These ereaders will both Kaledio color screen technology, the latest in e-ink innovation.

There will be a bit of a drawback that comes with th new subtle pastel color palette: the resolution drops from 330ppi in grayscale to 150ppi when the color feature is used.

The new ereaders will both be available April 30th in the U.S. — with the Kobo Libra Colour priced at $220, and the Kobo Clara Colour at $150 — though they can be preordered now on Kobo’s main site.

To read more about the ereaders’ specs, visit The Verge.

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