Get Ready to Read 10 of the Best Thrilling YA Heist Novels

A Tempest of Tea by Hafsah Faizal partial cover

So you’re looking for easy ways to support your library! Amazing. Even well-funded libraries can use our help to function their best. With how many libraries are under attack from censors, this supportive work is incredibly important.

As we dive into Pride month, I’m reading more and more LGBTQIA+ stories. This month every year, I seek out gay standalone novels. I seek transgender nonfiction. I crave lesbian short stories. I chase intersex stories of all kinds. If there are words written about and by my LGBTQIA+ peeps, I’m here for it. And that includes serial stories.

This library-themed pride merch celebrates everyone, and it expands upon last year’s roundup of Pride in the Library goods. Yes, let’s acknowledge rainbow capitalism right here, and let’s also accept that emphasizing the importance of LGBTQ+ presence in the library matters. All of these come from small creators, and wearing or sporting these library pride goods helps you identify yourself with the right side of history. As mentioned in the roundup of fantastic stickers celebrating the right to read, engaging in capitalism here is a way to support those who are being directly hurt by ongoing discriminatory legislation, and it’s a way to find and connect with like-minded folks who are pushing back.

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