Get More Listings by Connecting With These 5 Demographics

There are several reasons agents prefer listing over working with buyers. From the ability to take on more clients at once to less time spent touring properties to increased control over transactions, many agents just prefer to represent sellers.

But how do you find listing opportunities if this is your desired route? Get in touch with these five lead demographics:


Divorce leads attract real estate agents because they can lead to multiple transactions, such as selling the marital home and helping both parties find new properties.

Successfully handling divorce-related real estate transactions can lead to long-term client relationships and referrals, as clients appreciate agent support during this challenging transition. 

Cash buyers

If a homeowner has a history of buying in cash, this can signal that they have additional funds to spend on new investment opportunities. 

As an agent, connecting with cash buyers offers the opportunity for repeat business (if the homeowner is an investor), as well as the opportunity for completing simple, swift transactions. Since cash transactions often move quicker and require fewer steps, you could be onto your next opportunity faster than if you work with a client needing financing.


Probate refers to the legal process of managing an individual’s estate following their death, which includes transferring ownership from the deceased to their heirs or next of kin —whereas “pre-probate” status refers to a property with a death record that has not yet completed the probate process.

As an agent, this offers a valuable opportunity to help a homeowner sell a burdensome property if they can’t practically take it over following the death of a family member.


Pre-foreclosure is a homeowner’s final chance to either pay back their missed mortgage payments or sell to avoid the significant credit hit accompanying foreclosure.

Because of this, homeowners facing pre-foreclosure are often highly motivated to sell their homes with the help of a trusted agent who can get the highest return from the sale.

Senior owners 

From retirement to becoming grandparents to needing less space due to physical limitations, senior homeowners are at a stage where several milestones may prompt them to sell.

As an agent, you can help senior homeowners cash in on that equity they’ve spent years building on the family home to find a new property better suited to their current lifestyle

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