Courtney Adamo’s ‘Modern Mid-Century’ Beachfront Holiday Home

Writer and creator Courtney Adamo loves her home in Bangalow, but her family dreamed of a true beachside house, where they could gather for precious weekends away.

Their holiday house in Minnie Water (located almost two hours south) is in many ways the complete opposite of their permanent residence in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

In contrast to their late 1890s home, the beach house was built just last year, frames views of the surrounding pine trees, and features generous open-plan spaces within. It’s also right on the water — perfect for a family of surfers!

‘We live in Bangalow, which is only 15 minutes from the ocean, but it still feels like more of a hinterland home than a coastal one,’ explains Courtney.

‘Personally, I was also excited to have a home which would bring our family together in a special way that we don’t always have when we are home in Bangalow.

‘We now have three teenagers and a tween, and they have social lives and jobs and they are often busy getting around town.

‘I love when we are all down at our beach house because we spend more time as a family and slow things way down.’

Courtney and her husband Michael worked with an architect to create a home that felt ‘entirely different’ to their home in Bangalow, both in style and feeling.

‘It’s much more minimal, which always feels so nice when we walk in the door,’ says Courtney.

Inspiration was drawn from the original green fisherman’s shack on site (demolished due to termite damage), and Courtney’s mid-century family beach house in the San Juan Islands in the U.S, which she remembers fondly from her childhood.

‘The flat roof, the long lines, the big windows, and even the green colour of the exterior is a nod to my family’s beach house,’ says Courtney.

‘I think it’s a modern version of a mid-century home. We used a lot of natural materials throughout, to make it feel natural and earthy and (hopefully) quite calm and grounded.’

Being newly built, it’s also a highly functional house that stays warm in winter, and cool in summer — an element that’s often overlooked in Australian homes!

‘Of course I love the charm of an old house, but gosh it’s so nice to be in a new home that gets the sunlight and is properly insulated!’ Courtney says.

Courtney likens a visit to Minnie as a return to her childhood, where there’s not much to do but swim, relax, and be entertained by one another.

‘When you’re there, you’re always connected to nature,’ she says.

‘We watch the sun come up. We are aware of the tides and the winds and the weather. We can see whales and dolphins playing in the ocean and watch sea birds overhead. When it’s windy, we fly kites. When it’s rainy we play card games. When the winds are right, we go surfing.’

When the Adamos aren’t visiting or hosting friends in this beautiful home, their property is available to rent via Airbnb. Book your stay at Sandy Pines house here.

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