Comedian Lists The 'Top 10 Greatest Mom Names Of All Time' & He's Not Wrong

By now you likely know that the long-held classic girl’s name “Karen” is extinct — along with a handful of others such as Katherine and Vanessa. But what about the names all your friend’s moms had back in the 1980s? Are they extinct? Or, could it be spun the other way and those names of all your friend’s moms could instead be deemed “classics”?

One comedian took it upon himself to hilariously list the “Top 10 Greatest Mom Names Of All Time,” and said list does not disappoint.

Eric D’Alessandro has quite the following on Instagram, where he regularly posts his stand-up comedy and hot takes on everything from being a Disney person to the five boroughs of New York City. And on Wednesday, he posted a particularly howl-inducing video about all those bygone names of people you knew way back when.

D’Alessandro starts with Joann, who “definitely hung out at the school,” followed in swift order by Ro, Fran, Nancy, Susan (“I’ve never seen a Susan that wasn’t blond”), Linda, Mary (“the way this name had this country in a chokehold from 1812 to 1975”), Barbara, Debbie/Diane/Donna (the “holy trinity”), and, at number one, Cathy.

Down in the comments, people had major thoughts about names he forgot.

“Don’t sleep on Janet- has anyone ever met a Janet that wasent [sic] 57+ years old?” wrote one.

“My sister are Debra, Donna , Diana and Denise. 😂” wrote someone who seems to be named… Darlene.

“You forgot Ang!” said another.

“I dont understand how you dont have Jackie on this list 🤷🏻‍♀️😂” wrote one apt commenter.

Even D’Alessandro realized he missed a classic when he added his own comment: “I had Carol in my notes then forgot. Devastated. #JusticeForCarol”

How many of your friend’s moms’ names made the cut?

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