Beautiful Boarding Schools:The World’s 9 Most Stunning

At some point, who hasn’t daydreamed about attending one of the world’s many beautiful boarding schools in some faraway, majestic land? Thanks to films like Dead Poet’s Society, the Harry Potter series, or even the recently released The Holdovers, there’s certain allure around sleepaway prep schools: You’ll live with your best friends, discover secrets in storied halls, and spend free time immersed in beautiful nature. Of course, films make the classes, which often take place in state-of-the-art facilities, appear as mesmerizing as they are rigorous. But what about the nonfictional boarding schools? While we can’t say just how much art imitates life in the films, these real-life beautiful boarding schools make us believe that the set designers got it right. Below, AD visits nine striking boarding schools around the world.

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