Andy Dick, comedian, arrested for felony residential burglary

Andy Dick, a comedian, was arrested in California on a felony charge of residential burglary.

Sgt. Ragsdale of the Santa Barbara Police Department says the incident took place on private property owned by a homeowner. Police were alerted and arrived at the scene to arrest Dick. They arrested the 56-year-old with probable cause.

For the past decade, the comedian has been in trouble with the law.

Dick was brutally punched in the face outside of a New Orleans bar in 2019. According to a report by The Associated Press, Dick stated that the incident had left him with “severe, permanent, and disabling injuries.”

Before the attack that left Dick hospitalized, Dick had been charged with several crimes. He was charged in July 2008 with possessing narcotics and sexual battery. Dick pled guilty to the charges and was placed on probation for 3 years. He would later violate it.

He was charged with sexual abuse in 2010.

Dick was also charged with assault with deadly weapons, groping, and sexual assault.

His most recent arrest was made in May on suspicion of sexual battery. The victim did not cooperate in the investigation, so the charges were dropped.

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