An MLS Leadership Journey: Inspiring Others Every Step of the Way

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, and having a leader at the helm who can inspire others is mission-critical. No matter the career—whether it’s MLS or brokerage, or anything in between—the journey to leadership is full of both discovery and growth. And, as leaders across the board can attest, it’s more enjoyable when shared with others.

Reflecting on my own personal journey, and looking back on the past few years specifically, it’s more important than ever that those looking to step into leadership positions—or ascend to the next level—possess a balance of both skill and passion. They must also be knowledgeable about the industry and have some tenacity to go along with it. 

Leadership versus management

A lot of people can be managers, but not everybody has the qualities to lead. Sometimes those qualities are within you, and sometimes you develop them along the way. That said, it’s difficult for a leader to be efficient or effective if they don’t care about what they’re doing. If the passion isn’t there, it’s difficult to create a successful environment for the company, the employees and any customers they have. The differential is something you discover along the way as you expand your knowledge, bring people along for the ride via mentorship and build a team of like-minded people who can succeed together. 

Building leaders

When it comes to leadership, you have to always be striving and learning and growing—and a big part of that growth involves taking an interest in others. It’s not about you as the leader, but rather, it’s about the success of the organization and molding others so they can reach their full potential. As a leader, you need to keep your ear to the ground so that when someone shows an interest in becoming a leader, you can ensure that you’re with them every step of the way. Taking the time to educate and mentor them from the ground up will go a long way toward making sure they’re equipped with the necessary skills as they move into leadership roles.  

Leading by example

As a leader, you’re constantly being watched to see how you behave and what you say—or don’t say. Those within your organization are also paying attention to whether or not they’re inspired by not only your knowledge, expertise and work ethic, but also your people skills, and your genuine care and concern for your team, colleagues and customers.

More than just a title or power, leadership is a responsibility to thinking things through and not being afraid to make tough decisions. This is more important than ever in chaotic times, as a leader who can stay calm and successfully lead the organization into the future is crucial. 

All the best leaders are always ready to make bold moves at each and every turn. And while there’s no telling what the future holds, now’s the time to double down and ensure you’re bringing the right skills and resources to the table.

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