Alan Ruck's Rivian R1T crash due to unfamiliarity with tech, police say

Alan Ruck Rivian R1T crash

On Halloween night, actor Alan Ruck’s Rivian R1T pickup crashed into a California pizza parlor. The electric truck suddenly accelerated across an intersection through a red light, damaging three other cars before smashing through the wall of the restaurant. Police are now reportedly saying that the crash was likely due to Ruck’s unfamiliarity with the new truck’s high-tech features.

The accident occurred around 9 p.m. on October 31, at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, a busy intersection in the heart of Hollywood. (Incidentally, the ramen joint next door is one of the best in Los Angeles). Video footage shows Ruck’s Rivian at a stop behind another car that was waiting to make a right turn at a red light. 

Suddenly, the pickup accelerates rapidly, rear-ending the waiting car and pushing it into a Prius crossing the intersection. The Rivian then hits a white crossover before crashing through the wall of a dining establishment. According to KTLA, the truck ended up in a restroom. That fortunately was not occupied at the time. 

KTLA reports that no one was seriously injured and Ruck was “stunned and concerned immediately about the well-being of others.” A newly published report by TMZ says that police did not find any evidence of intoxication, distraction, or other impaired driving. Ruck told responding officers he had no idea what caused the truck to accelerate suddenly, and police reportedly saw no reason to doubt him. 

As paparazzi hounded Ruck on video on a later date, the Emmy-nominated actor said he was fine and just glad no one was killed. He then proceeded to get into a blue Nissan Murano.

Ruck is a Hollywood veteran most recently known for his role as Connor Roy in “Succession.” Fans of 1980s movies will recall his turn as Cameron Frye in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” in which he pushed a 1961 Ferrari 250 California into a gulch, destroying it. It was a painful scene for car enthusiasts to watch, but fortunately the car was a replica.

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