After being found not guilty in the Anthony Rapp sex abuse case, Kevin Spacey declared that ‘justice was done

After more than an hour of deliberations in a New York federal courtroom, Kevin Spacey was not found liable in a civil suit for sexual misconduct. The plaintiff sought $40 million in damages.

Spacey stated through Jennifer Keller, his lawyer, that “Mr. Spacey is thankful to live in a nation where the citizens have a right to trial by impartial jurors who make their decisions based on evidence rather than rumors.”

“He is very grateful to this jury. The jury consisted of six women and five males, with one exception: a college graduate. Most had graduate degrees. Their verdict was quick and decisive. Today justice was served.”

The verdict was reached by the jury shortly before 4:45 p.m. ET in the civil suit. An incident that occurred in 1986 against Anthony Rapp, a 14-year-old actor from “House of Cards”, led to the former actor being accused of assault battery, and emotional distress.

Keller stated shortly after the verdict had been read, “We are very grateful that this American juror saw through these false accusations.” “Spacey is deeply thankful. Next, Mr. Spacey will prove his innocence of any charges he has been charged with.

Keller stated that there was no truth in any of the allegations. “This jury was highly intelligent and highly educated. They are very bright.

Richard Steigman was Rapp’s lawyer. He stated, “For me, Anthony told his truth before the court. We respect the verdict of the jury, but nothing can change that. Peter J. Saghir Esq, the lawyer for “Star Trek: Discovery”, stated that “We are incredibly proud” of Anthony’s courage.

Rapp wrote a Twitter note, “I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to have mine heard before a jury, and I thank them for their service,” This lawsuit was brought about to shine a light on sexual violence.

“I promise to continue advocating for efforts that ensure we can live and function in a world free of sexual violence of all kinds. I hope survivors will continue to share their stories and fight for justice.

Five years ago, Spacey was first accused by Rapp in a Buzzfeed interview. Spacey responded that he did not remember the encounter and also apologized.

Rapp was a Broadway star who filed a lawsuit against Spacey in 2020. Spacey denied the allegations.

Spacey, 63, was a witness, as well as Rapp, 50. Rapp, who was on the witness stand, testified that Spacey invited him to a party in his apartment when they were both working on Broadway in the 1980s.

Rapp claimed that Spacey, then 26, lured him into a bedroom and laid on top. Rapp said that Spacey then lured him into a bedroom after the guests left. He laid on top of Rapp and began to flee.

The “L.A. The “L.A. Confidential” star denied the incident and said he would never be attracted to a teenager.

Spacey is currently facing another London trial on charges that he sexually assaulted several men in the U.K. Spacey pleaded not guilty to the charges in July and will be facing trial next year.

After being fired in 2018, Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct behind closed doors. In August, a judge ordered Spacey to pay $31,000,000 to House of Cards producers.

Spacey, who starred in the Netflix series from 2013-17 was accused of preying upon multiple young men including a production assistant. This prompted an investigation by the MRC production company, and ultimately his termination as President of the United States Francis Underwood.

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