A 269-Square-Foot Former Bakery Is Reborn as a Welcoming Home

A central part of Ana’s design was to make the most of the various levels of the apartment whose very structure helps to define the different spaces. It also gives each area a certain intimate quality, despite the challenges of the layout. This is the case, for example, with the sleeping area which serves as the “nest” that her client wanted at the heart of his cabin. It has a double-height ceiling, topped by a huge window and a built-in bed. “They say it’s hard to get out of that bed in the morning,” says Ana.

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The closet located between the kitchen and the sleeping area.

David Zarzoso

“Having several different levels in the same apartment turns it into a very dynamic space, and creates a very pleasant play of light,” Ana explains. This configuration also turns the house into a “fun” space, in her words, which, despite its small size, invites you to walk through it and explore it, going up and down between the different areas.

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The nest at the heart of the apartment.

David Zarzoso

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