8 LGBTQ+ Serial Stories to Explore Right Now

Ethan Gatwick is a lobbyist—polished, professional, armed with policy one-pagers and potential campaign donations. He advocates for his clients the same way any other single issue lobbyist in Washington might. Only his issue is the complicated immortal lives of vampires. Ethan’s worked for vampires in one way or another for most of his life. He thinks he knows them pretty well. He’s only just beginning to suspect how well they seem to know him.

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As we dive into Pride month, I’m reading more and more LGBTQIA+ stories. This month every year, I seek out gay standalone novels. I seek transgender nonfiction. I crave lesbian short stories. I chase intersex stories of all kinds. If there are words written about and by my LGBTQIA+ peeps, I’m here for it. And that includes serial stories.

The term “serial” has fallen to the fringes of bookish conversations in recent years. The term brings to mind old-fashioned fiction publications. There was a time when full-blown novels released in serial fashion over months and years were commonplace. War and Peace and A Tale of Two Cities were published like this long ago.

Those days are long gone, though, so how do we define serial stories now? While some magazines still release serial stories, we now look to the web for most of them. Sites like Wattpad and Tapas are homes for serialized stories, for instance. Webcomics are also a great source of LGBTQ+ serial stories, and some of them even make it into print later. Either way, you have to look beyond your bookstores to find great serial stories.

So here are eight great LGBTQ+ serial stories you should be reading right now.

cover of Erie Waters

Erie Waters by Joanne Kwan

Here’s one of those great LGBTQ+ serial stories that has made its way into print now, though the online version is still available. Ian Chen is looking for a nice, relaxing holiday at a family lake house. Instead, something old and supernatural rises up from the lake. Oh, and it’s a paranormal romance.

cover of Blood of the Covenant

Blood of the Covenant by Bad_at_Listening

This serial story on Wattpad focuses on Ethan, the enthusiastic member of a werewolf pack. Something feels off in Ethan’s long-time relationship with Julia. They talk like they’re soulmates, but Ethan soon discovers that maybe Julia’s older brother is the real love of his life.

cover of Growing Wildflowers

Growing Wildflowers by Courtney Wing

When Gwen survives a gruesome car accident, she is surprised to come to in a dank basement. What she really isn’t expecting is to wake up as a vampire, but that’s what’s happened. She has to feed to survive, but she hates it. When she lets a meal escape one night, she and all vampire kind are put in mortal danger.

heartstopper book cover

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Now for something entirely different, these YA graphic novels are great LGBTQ+ serial stories that began life serialized on Webtoon. Charlie and Nick are high school students who don’t even know the other exists until they’re forced to sit next to each other. Charlie is falling hard though he doesn’t think he has a shot. Little does he know that Nick is falling even harder.

Our Dreams at Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani cover

Our Dreams at Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani

This manga series was originally serialized in Hibana magazine and is now in print everywhere. Tasuku Kanami is having a rough time. He’s the new kid in school, and he thinks he’s been outed as gay, although that horrifies him. But when he meets a mysterious woman who leads him to a group of young people going through similar troubles, everything changes.

cover of Serendipity

Serendipity by KingofCornflowers

This is a Wattpad story of two teens who really can’t fall in love with each other, which, of course, means they do. Nosa is Catholic, and his mom insists that he can’t have social anxiety and love Jesus at the same time. Irekan has recently moved to the US from Nigeria, his parents hoping the move will literally make him straight. When Nosa and Irekan meet, their love is as inevitable as gravity.

Sesame But Different by Chia and Poppy

This adorable webcomic is made by two American-Born Chinese women who chronicle their relationship, culture, and whatever other cute things come to them. Not only is their website filled with their short webcomics that can be read in any order, but their bio is worth a fun read, too.

Trans Girl Next Door by Kylie Summer Wu

Last on this lovely list is an autobiographic webcomic that has been running strong since 2013. It was also syndicated in SF Weekly in 2016. Wu began the comic as a project to help her go through her transition. Not only does the comic document her transition, but touches on so many important aspects of transgender life and politics that affect her and so many other people.

That should keep you in LGBTQ+ serial stories for a while. What are some of your favorite serialized queer stories?

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