14 Best Filing Cabinet Options Under $200 That Are Stylish and Practical

Home offices are all fun and games until your desk space becomes littered with stray pieces of paper, forms, and the like. Enter the best filing cabinet. Though likely not something you’d consider necessary for your home or even a real office essential, they’re key for any work space and offer a storage solution to hide away and organize any loose leaf papers or important documents you might need later down the line.

If you’ve been looking to get organized but struggling to find office filing cabinets that aren’t clunky eyesores, this mix of modern and vintage storage cabinets is sure to have something for everyone. Here are 14 stylish filing cabinets under $200 (and one splurge) that we’re loving now.

A straight-forward and sleek design, this lateral file cabinet is most reminiscent of a return to the office. With accessibility on both sides and a substantial breadth, it can easily serve as a room divider. It’s also a locking filing cabinet thanks to sliding doors that securely bolt for optimal security for all your important files and can be left open in order to utilize half of the cabinet as a display shelf—allowing it to work especially as functional home decor.

This soothing mint green metal cabinet is a calming option that will still inject some personality in any room. It’s versatile enough that it can be the focal point of the room or be pushed to the side as an accent piece.

Vintage General Fireproofing Co. Industrial 5 Drawer “Allsteel” File Cabinet

This sturdy army green vintage filing cabinet is the solution to having no real square footage but plenty of height—making it especially ideal for small spaces. The entire cabinet looms at over five feet tall with an impressive 25-inch depth. An original from the General Fireproofing Company, an early-20th-century American manufacturer, each steel cabinet comes with a traditional card holder spot for easy labeling.

StyleWell Braxten Light Oak Brown Vertical File Cabinet with 2 Drawers

Simple, subtle, and earthy, this unassuming two-drawer filing cabinet is a modern piece of furniture with a wood-grain paper laminate. It offers two full cabinet drawers that can fit letter-size papers and folders, while still maintaining a petite enough size that it doesn’t intrude on any space. Plus the light oak veneer lends a Scandinavian style that’ll keep from ever being an eyesore.

Carson Carrington Erfjord 2-drawer File Cabinet

If full vintage isn’t your speed, this traditional-looking piece comes with a few modern touches. The classic filing cabinet look is enhanced by gold-colored handles and legs, which both physically and stylistically elevate it. The cabinet brings a simple elegance to any office set-up. You can purchase it in six different colors.

Threshold™ – Wood Mid Century File Cabinet Light Brown

A midcentury-modern filing cabinet that can fit into any space, this high-quality Threshold piece could easily serve as a bed side or end table in a small office. The slatted legs and metal handles give what is an otherwise simple cabinet a little bit of flare.

ALEX Drawer Unit/Drop File Storage

Simplicity is key with this stacked filing cabinet that offers four different storage drawers. This basic white piece calls on IKEA’s clean, Scandinavian roots with its minimalism and adaptability. Black and oak-stained options also exist, for those seeking something a little outside the box.

General Fireproofing Company – Vintage Green Metal Stacking Filing Cabinet

Another General Fireproofing Company find, this vintage heavy-duty three-drawer file cabinet can enhance any industrial space. While the weathered cabinet is made for files, it could also serve as general storage if you’re looking for stylish space solutions. The patina adds character and a historical edge to the cabinet.

For a brighter industrial look, this small end table turned storage space is the way to go. The locker cabinet comes in a variety of colors, so there’s a color for nearly every workspace in here (plus black, white, and gray options, if you’re looking for something a little more neutral).

Adeptus – 7-Drawer Gate Leg Roll Cart Desk

This cart desk is perfect if you want home office furniture with lots of versatility. With seven stacked drawers, this wooden rolling cabinet cart can house a variety of files laid flat. But its greatest appeal is the leg extension and extra work surface area. It could easily be turned into a makeshift desk or a display countertop (or nothing at all), depending on the specifics of your space.

DEVAISE – Mobile File Cabinet

This multipurpose, highly reviewed filing cabinet on wheels is a bona fide deal. It’s one of the most affordable options on this list and comes in a variety of colors that can fit into any space. Plus, it’s light and comes with wheels, so it can be moved around the room whenever you please (though the front two have casters to help it stay in place).

Transmit Wood File Cabinet

The white drawers, silver-colored handles, and dark manufactured walnut wood grain laminate exterior is a lesson in contrast. The modern two-drawer mobile file cabinet offers a large bottom compartment for easy file storage and a top drawer for miscellaneous office supplies. Most importantly, it’s squat enough that it can most likely fit under the majority of desks out there and be wheeled out as needed.

Red Barrel Studio® 18.5” Wide Mobile File Cabinet

For those seeking a relaxed and incognito small filing cabinet to hide away any important documents, this woven container on wheels is the way to go. The low-key box gives off a beach house laundry basket vibe while still offering two rods on either side for hanging file folders, creating an atmosphere that is far from the office.

Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia – Grooved Wood 2-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

This one goes a bit beyond the $200 price point, but it’s still relatively affordable and petite compared to some of the pricy behemoths out there. Inspired by magnolia’s natural aesthetic, the grooved wood design and golden handles create a classy but organic-looking accent piece. If the light wood doesn’t work for you, Target also offers a version in black.

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